Precision Strobe Tuners
[Operation Manual Vers 1.6 (IOS)]

The Precision Strobe Tuner is a General Purpose Musical Instrument Tuning Aid.

The radial Spectrum Display shows the Fundamental of the Input Tone, as well as all the Overtones, radiating like clock hands towards the corresponding Notes along the Note Dial. Apply an Input Tone, and tune to move the Fundamental Indicator Tic Mark, along the inside edge of the Note Dial, towards the center of the desired Note.

The outside Strobe Display is used for final tuning. The Strobe Technique has long been the preferred method used by professionals. It is highly sensitive, very accurate, and responds instantly to any change in the Input Pitch.

There are also several User Programmable Temperament Banks and special Piano Tuning Functions built in. The Programmable Temperament Banks can be used for alternate temperaments, Piano Stretch, Steel Guitar setups and special Sweetened Guitar Tunings.

[Guitar Tuning Video Demo]

[Operation Manual Vers 1.6 (IOS)]

Available for IOS:
Precision Strobe Tuner at The App Store
FREE Precision Strobe Tuner Lite at The App Store

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